Enjoy the Arenal Volcano rainforest hanging bridge tour with El coco tours

You cannot miss Costa Rica when you are planning a tour. Costa Rica has a lot of things to offer. It offers multiple bridges tours which are mostly around the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde cloud forest.

Arenal volcano tour

The Arenal Hanging bridges are a bunch of suspension bridges in a series in the Volcan Arenal National park which offers a tremendous view of Volcan Arenal and Lake Arenal. The bridges are beautiful and environment-friendly and a source of attraction for every tourist.

The bridges have been developed for Eco-tourism, consisting of bridges and trails through the entire rainforest. The hanging bridges allow every viewer to observe the nature and protect it as well.

So, it is time you should make your plan for the Arenal volcano tour.

  • The Volcano

When you are in Arsenal, make sure that you visit the volcano. If you are much of a wildlife lover, you are going to love the Arenal national park. But the most interesting thing that you will see here is the lava that fluently keeps dripping down from the hill, which surely makes this location much more beautiful. You will most probably see the smoke burping out at this time. You are even going to fall in love with the forests in Arsenal.

  • The hanging bridges

The hanging bridges expand to 3.1 km long. It crosses 14 bridges, 6 in suspension and 8 stationary. Watching the view of Arenal Volcano from the bridges is even more fascinating and beautiful. There are multiple species of birds on the surroundings, such as Great curassow and the White Hawk. It also has reptiles like Basiliscus lizards and various species of monkeys. The traits have been designed using modern day technology so that everyone can enjoy them. They are comfortable, secure and do not affect the environment.

How to make your travelling easy?

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So, you don’t really need to worry about tourism when you have them as your travel partner. Enjoy your tour!